Obstetrics and HDU

i. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) evaluation & management
ii. Pre- conceptual counselling
iii. Routine ante-natal care
iv. Maternal serum screening for chromosomal abnormalities
v. NST & intra – partum foetal monitoring
vi. Labour analgesia
vii. Highly advanced , motorized, versatile LDRP bed to conduct normal and instrumental deliveries with comfort and ease
viii. The BIRTHRIGHT delivery bed from NESBIT EVANS(UK). The beds convert quickly from a practicle labour bed to a delivery platform & back to a comfortable recovery bed while maintaining the mothers safety, dignity & comfort.
ix. Vaginal & instrumental deliveries and caesarean sections
x. High risk pregnancy with tertiary level care
xi. Obstetrics High Dependency Unit (HDU)
xii. Intensive obstetric case (obstetric ICU )
xiii. Advanced obstetric imaging

[philips IU 22 with MATRIX probe]
a) Nuchal scan
b) Detailed second trimester anomaly scan
c) Third trimester growth scan
d) Foetal growth curves using standardized growth charts
e) Doppler studies in pregnancy
f) Foetal echo cardiography
g) 3D & 4D foetal imaging
h) Third trimester growth scans