Dear colleague,

Seasons greetings and hope you are in the best of health.

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit of Kodlikeri Memorial Hospital got into practice with an unending desire to do something more specialized in women’s health care particularly in the field of INFERTILITY management. During this endeavour, I have constantly made efforts to explore new opportunities in providing the best of health care to my fellow women.

After empowering myself with need of the hour training like transvaginal sonography and laparoscopy under the luminous guidance, blessings and support of prof. Dr. R. Rajan,kottayam, kerala, I started a “ couple friendly” approach to management of infertility in 1997. Since 15 years I have been providing fertility options like IUI and fertility enhancing Endoscopic surgeries entrusted by the able hands of laparoscopic surgeon dr. Unmesh Takalkar.

My utmost gratitude to you for supporting me in my efforts for all these years.

In keeping with my endless desire to provide comprehensive health services to the myriad of women’s needs I am proud to present a world class OBGYN unit with I.V.F./ ICSI and Endoscopy Center located at 4th floor at UNITED CIIGMA building Shahanoorwadi ,Aurangabad. To make this noble endeavour, therapeutic success, we have come together as a team of expert gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeons, I.V.F./ ICSI specialist , embryologists, sonologists, Intensivists, dietecians etc to provide a multidisciplinary care to our society.

At her every walk of life, right from her pre-pubertal to her postmenopausal period we are here to help, serve and support her. Youth is the age of angst, confusion turmoil and unresolved perplexities. We are here to provide the right answers and gentle Adolescent gynecological care and when this girl enters the state of womanhood, she may face the blame of infertility. We know that facing infertility can be one of the most stressful situations the couple may encounter physically, emotionally and of course financially. At our hospital we work hand-in-hand with her to make every phase of the process from diagnosis to treatment as transparent and comfortable as possible. With global standards in Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART) with our class 100 IVF lab, we intend to provide customized and ethical services at affordable prices so that she can be transformed from carrying the burden of being infertile to carrying a child.

And right from the moment she tests positive for pregnancy, it ushers in a great deal of joy and anxiety follows. We are here to take care of the latter so she may enjoy her pregnancy to its fullest extent. Kodlikeri hospital has been known as the women’s hospital for more than 30 years. We have parents proudly telling their children ‘ I was born here too’ . We are determined to continue this proud legacy till these same parents tell this to their grand children as well.

During this course, pregnancy may be wrought with undesired complications with a strong back up of high dependency unit(HDU) and competent intensivists, we aim to contain the complications till safe childbirth.

With our galaxy of expert obstetric and cardiac anaesthesiologist we are strengthened to manage high risk obstetric cases both surgically and medically (obstetric ICU) and also to provide labour analgesia.

Life begins at 40, but she enters the perimenopause, many potential gynecological problems may rob her quality of life. Our dedicated team will work vigilantly to diagnose, prevent and treat these ‘ Silent thieves’ like osteoporosis and malignancies of uterus and breast.

With the world class Imaging System and experienced full time Radiologists in women’s Imaging , facilities of DXA scan , digital mammography, digital video- colposcopy and advance obstetric imaging are provided under one roof.

Where surgical intervention is necessary, we ensure that with our Minimally Invasive surgical options of operative laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries, she bounces back to her routine life in no time without disturbing her family life much. In the grace eventuality of gynecological malignancy world class facilities of Radical surgeries(wertheim’s and modified radical mastectomy) and chemotherapy is provided under one roof.